German Occupation Museum, Guernsey.

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Situated at Les Houards in the Forest parish, Guernsey, the German Occupation Museum opened in 1966 by Richard Heaume a founder member of the Occupation Society and generous supporter of Festung Guernsey, has undoubtedly the finest collection of WWII relics in the Channel Islands. In addition to the vast range of displays and dioramas, audio-visual technology is used to convey the stories and experiences of islanders during the five years of enemy occupation. The museum also owns two fortification sites, a 10.5cm casemate gun at Vazon and the Naval Observation Tower at Pleinmont headland. Both these installations have been restored and re-equipped by Richard and his  conserver and restoration consultant Ernest Gavet, author of 'A guide to German Fortifications in Guernsey'.

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Showcase of mines and mine detecting equipment, shell cases and figure of Organisation Todt worker with a wheelbarrow obtained from an Alderney farmer after the war.
German harness and saddlery with a field kitchen and limber on which the cook or driver would ride. There are two examples displayed at the museum, this one was removed from a tunnel under St. Saviour's Parish Church in the 1960's. The other from the generator bunker at the Naval Signals Headquarters, St. Jacques.

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The hardship of the occupation years are shown in this diorama of a farmhouse kitchen. Meals were made from very meager rations. The farmers wife cautiously keeps watch while her husband listens to the BBC on his illegal crystal set. The family pets have been bought inside to prevent them from being stolen and eaten by the hungry occupying forces.

4.7cm Anti-tank gun in recreated bunker scene using original bunker fittings & equipment. The 4.7cm Pak at L'Eree would have had a similar layout.

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Opening times: Daily 10am-5pm, April-October.Winter 10am-1pmTuesday-Sunday.                                        Tel. Richard Heaume 238205

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