MNO Plan

The Headquarters of the German Naval Commander Channel Islands (Seeko-Ki) were originally established in Guernsey at the neighbouring La Collinette and La Porte Hotels in the Summer of 1942.

Bunker plan



MNO Operation Room

Radio communications were a vital part of operations at Seeko-Ki Headquarters and the powerful radio transmitters and receivers were first housed in the loft of La Collinette Hotel before the decision was taken to build the permanent bunkers in the hotel grounds. Work began in the Autumn of 1943 and the Signals Headquarters, under the command of the Naval Signals Officer (M.N.O.), Oberleutnant Willi Hagedorn, was operative on 1st February 1944. The adjoining Seeko-Ki bunker, linked by a short tunnel, and  detached generator bunker were completed at a later date.

Operations Room



MNO Signal Officer's Office

The M.N.O. Headquarters handled all the important radio signals traffic for the German forces in the Channel Islands; especially after the Allied landings in Normandy. Messages were transmitted and received by naval codes using the Enigma enciphering machines on a variety of frequencies operating under the station callsign 'Flu'. The bulk of traffic passed through Naval Headquarters in Paris and, during the final months of the war, directly with Berlin.

Signal Officer's Office



MNO Teletype Room

The Signals Headquarters bunker has been restored by members of the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey) in cooperation with the now defunct Fortress Guernsey initiative instigated by the States of Guernsey.

Teletype Room



MNO Ventilation Plant

Many of the original fittings are retained, including the ventilation and heating systems. The rooms have been re-fitted and equipped to as near original condition as possible, based on detailed information supplied by the former Naval Signals Officer and other German personnel.

Ventilation Equipment



MNO Signal Officers Bedroom

Equipment has been loaned by private individuals, the States of Guernsey Museum Services and the extensive collection of communication and signals collection of the German Occupation Museum.

The bunker is open Thursday and Saturday afternoons, 2 - 5pm April to October or by appointment. Contact for further details.

Officer's Bedroom


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